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Axxed Asylum is one of Paul's many music projects. Started in 2011, during the making of an album with the band Battleaxe, the project came about as a result of negative experiences with the band writing and recording Heavy Metal Sanctuary.

Though there was never an Axxed Asylum band as such, it was always a hope

that we could take it on the road in some form, some day.....


The promotional picture above features, from left to right, Paul (Hook) Richardson (guitar - Into The Fire) Alan Dacre (guitar - Rock Legions), Roddy B (main vocal) Gary Melling (bass - Afterlife), Paul AT-kinson (drums etc).

Work on the
project was difficult due to other band commitments at the time. It started in 2011 and all but ended when Roddy passed away after a short illness in 2017.

Some great players were part of the Axxed Asylum story, the guys above, but also guitarist Rich Manley-Reeve, bass player Huw Holding and guitarist Nick Catterick.

"thanks to all of you for being interested enough to be involved"

Roddy always said he was proud of the work we did together, and particularly liked the track Afterlife (ironically). He is sadly missed, I think about him a lot, and only wished that I had put more time into the project when he was alive; he was, without doubt, the most enthusiastic person I have ever worked with. Rest in peace, my friend.

Paul - 2024

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