As an established independent filmmaker and marketer, I am fortunate enough to work with lots of interesting people and lots of different kinds of organisations. I enjoy the challenge of taking a project from its beginnings and watching it grow through PR, marketing and strategically targeted creative video productions.
Video is one of those things we can all do with the smartphone in our pocket, and this can be very effective; but when a project needs to go that one step further, Pillarbox Media is a great choice because we are experienced in achieving great results within often tight budgets, and our clients are treated to the same planning and production techniques whoever they are.
Another one of my passions is to get out into the countryside and off the beaten track with a couple of cameras in my backpack; for me it is a great way to connect with nature whilst at the same time creating film. Currently developing a channel and experimenting with wild walking guides, I am hoping to develop a format that will help others have the same wild experience; subscribe to the channel if you are interested in this sort of thing.
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